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Photographers in Hawaii Oahu

Nov 23

Family photos are sacred and I want everything to go smoothly for you. This is a comprehensive list of all the steps that we will take during your portrait session. These questions should be answered before you arrive at our studio to avoid any surprises when it comes to family photos.

Things to do before a photo session

  • Makeup is professional: Before your session, make sure you do your hair, nails, and/or makeup properly. To avoid looking unprofessional during our shoot, you should also take care of the roots of any color that is long-lasting. Although these are minor details, they make a big difference in making sure that everything runs smoothly.

  • Choose your outfits: Make sure you plan at least one week ahead. Don't wait until the last minute! These details will help you feel relaxed and prepared when you wake up. Photographers in hawaii oahu will be happy to assist you in choosing the right outfit.

  • Preparing your children and husband for special occasions: This can make your house feel more special and less stressful if you are looking forward to seeing family or friends.

  • Start by brainstorming. Think about what props/memorabilia would work best. Perhaps you could photograph your favorite toys. You can also tell stories by using old photos to aid you in getting ready. This will maximize the interaction so that every shot looks great. No one wants boring home movies.

How to Dress Up?

  • Dressing comfortably: It's always a good idea to dress for the weather. This helps everyone stay comfortable and prevents them from getting hot flashes.

  • Do not wear matching clothes. Instead, use your personal color palette (the one that is closest to you) and choose colors. You will find the best choices in earth tones, neutrals, and basics like black. They aren't too formal yet still appropriate for every occasion.

  • Take Care with Underwear: There may only be two people working at the wedding/engagements. Trying to edit bra straps in Photoshop can take hours.

  • Accessory: Accessories can add an extra dimension to your look and make it stand out in a photo. For more styling ideas, see accessories.

What to Bring to Your Photo Session

  • Personal Items: Add any items that are related to your personal appearance. For the ladies, include lipstick and a hairbrush!

  • Snacks are essential to bribe kids with snacks before they get tired during session time. But it is best to not tell them. Make sure the food doesn't stain anyone or anything nearby.

  • Walking shoes: These shoes are recommended to ensure that you can hike in comfortable shoes and not get blistered by inappropriate footwear.

  • For those times when they get muddy or dirty, bring a change of clothes. I love to see children interact with their environment and photograph them on grass. Parents might not want them covered head-to-toe with soil, so bring everything they need.

How to Pose?

  • Don't cheese: There's no need to use 'Cheese! We want to capture natural interactions and unposed moments. My goal is to capture natural interactions and unposed moments in photographs.

  • Play with your kids and take some fun photos

  • If in doubt, smile and love your family.

  • For best results, stand close to one another!

  • Encourage dads to keep their eyes on their children and partners. Encourage them to not look at the camera. It may be what they prefer.

  • Slow down, relax, and don't try to force anything. To create beautiful images, be present with your family!

  • Moving around to capture backgrounds: This is how crafty photographers make their lives easier.

  • It's important to work with someone who is experienced in the field. Snacks are a great way to get insight into how children behave. You can give them food that is satisfying their hunger because it's the only thing that can ruin our fun more than unhappy kids.

  • Variety: This is the key to capturing their personalities and personality better.

What to Expect after a Photo Session?

  • Please wait for your gallery to arrive. We will work hard behind the scenes to ensure that you get only the best photos. Within 2 weeks, your gallery should be available!

  • Watermarked photos: A watermarked proofing gallery can help you get one step closer to framing memories. Oahu family photographer will soon send you images that can be printed and given as gifts or upgraded from the starter pack once we see how they turn out.

  • Explore for different styles of Galleries: There are tons of ideas online that will suit every budget and style. High-quality prints, framed photos, and canvases can be ordered from your gallery online.

Enjoy your portrait experience! Print art is what we love because you can view it at home and enjoy it. We are here to satisfy our customers.