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Types of Windshield Cracks and When to Replace One

May 25

Bikers who drive on highways or roar from the distance can save animals. Your windshield is exhibiting little scratches, dings, and chips. Glass is glass. and Glass is broken. Now, let's examine windshield cracks which pose a major concern. Let's examine the different types of cracks first.


Cracks in Windshield


  • Crack with a Bull's eye


This is the most typical type of crack in which a small piece of rock hits the windscreen. The impact is a round shape, and a small piece of glass could break off.


  • Ding Crack or Star Crack


The Star Crack is another typical crack. It is caused by sharp rocks or something hitting the windscreen. The star-shaped cavity develops by impact. Then, a piece of glass breaks off. A star crack may get worse if not treated.


  • Break in the Combination


Combination breaks can happen when an object that is sharp or another object is struck. Combining the star and bull’s eye cracks can cause this combination break.


  • Cracks on the edges


The edge crack is a crack that extends to within two inches of the liner on the windscreen. The crack can grow from small to huge in the event that it isn't addressed. In India, it is an extremely common feature in automobiles. It can go as long as 10 to 12 inches or even longer in some cases.


  • Cracked Floater


This crack is very like the edge crack, with the exception that it is 2 inches away from the windscreen's liner.


  • A crack in a Half Moon


Half-moon cracks are similar to bull's eye cracks because they break off pieces of glass but are semi-circular, not circular.


  • Cracks due to stress


Stress cracks are internal cracks that we can't feel with our fingers. To determine whether a stress fracture is present, one must employ a ballpoint pen to trace it.


Fun fact: A stress crack results from a rapid change in temperature rather than a collision. A car that is covered with snow, for instance, should be cleaned with cold water. Hot water could cause a stress crack if it gets spilled.


We now know the different types of cracks. Let's determine whether they are repairable or if it's required to change the windshield.


Should you repair or replace it?

Yes! Because the windscreen is made of laminated glass, it's possible to fix it. However, the same can't be said for a windows of other cars. It is easier to repair cracks with the help of advanced technology. For repairing a windshield, it is necessary to satisfy particular standards. Before restoring the front glass, trained technicians will look at the dimensions, depth, and location. Go to the nearest windshield repair seaside and inform them if it's fixable.


Larger cracks can be more challenging to fix. However, small chips and dings are easily fixed. The cracks along the margins are tough to repair, like the depth of the crack. Cracks that are more difficult to repair or tarnish the vehicle's appearance must be replaced.

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