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What are the 5 things that can cause your battery to die?

Oct 9

We like to think that a dead car battery is a fluke. Sometimes, however, this is not always true. Did you know that your car's battery could be dying faster? These are five possible causes of your car's battery dying quickly.

Leave the lights on

Driving without their dome or headlights on for long periods can cause their car's battery to go flat. Don't leave your headlights on for too long. Also, check for any lights still on after you lock and unlock your car. It's not what you want to wake up in the morning and find that you have a dead battery because of a simple oversight.

A battery that is not well maintained

Poorly maintained batteries can lead to premature failure. Many drivers don't know that there are steps they can take to maintain their car's battery. Drivers should regularly clean their car's battery with an ammonia-based cleaner or baking soda and water. Drivers should also have their battery's acid level checked approximately every six months.

Connectors to loose or corroded batteries

A corroded connection to your battery can stop the charging system from replenishing your battery while you drive. A loose battery connection can cause excessive resistance buildup, leading to electrical problems. Check your battery regularly for corrosion and loose connections.

Parasitic Drains in the Electrical System

Parasitic battery drain occurs when the vehicle discharges power even after it has been turned off. Short circuits or electrical devices usually cause these drains. Although they are difficult to spot, these drains can cause severe damage to your car's batteries. Parasitic drains can be found under hood lights, trunk lights and headlights. Glove boxes that do not close after closing the door will also be susceptible to parasitic drains.

Problems with the Charging System

The charging system for cars consists of the alternator and battery, wiring, and an electronic control unit (ECU). Your battery can die if these components fail, especially while driving. It is dangerous to allow the problem to continue. To resolve the problem, take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic immediately.

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