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Best Car Lockout Kit

Oct 24



A car lockout kit can help you avoid a lot of hassle. Many people have lost their keys in their cars at one time or another.


This is when a car lockout tool can save you both time and money. It is expensive and time-consuming to go to a professional car lockout service near me.


Not only that, but you could also be a locksmith or have your own garage and work in a variety of other jobs, such as unlocking cars and other vehicles without keys. If there is a serious issue and you are unable to handle it, you may reach out to any car unlock service in Arizona.

How to get out of your locked car

Step 1: Verify all locks. Before you attempt to unlock your car in another way, make sure that you have locked the door.

Step 2: Find a spare key.

Always have a spare key handy. Sometimes spare keys are hard to find when you need them. Let’s move on to the next step...


Step 3: Use automotive locksmith instruments to unlock your vehicle.


These tools are inexpensive and easy to use by firefighters, police, and fleet service managers as well as parking attendants. You don't need to be a professional in order to use professional-grade tools for car opening. It is a smart investment for anyone who owns a car and is well worth it.


There are many types of car-opening tools that you can choose from, each with different capabilities and features. There are two types of car opening tools: long-reach and wedge lockout tools. You can use them both together to open your car's door and unlock it.


We stock auto lockout tools made by a number of trusted manufacturers like Access Tools, Equalizer, Steck, Access Tools, OTC, and OTC. To unlock a locked car, it is important to only use high-quality lockout tools. You can easily damage your vehicle if you try to unlock it with a coat hanger, or any other household item.

  • Automotive locksmith tools are essential for getting into your car
  • Use a wedge tool such as the Steck Plastic Wedge or an Easy Wedge to insert the tool into the corner. 
  • To see where the weather stripping touches the body, you will need to lift the door frame. Use your heel to create a wedge until you have a space for the long-reach tool.

Auto Car Lock Picks

The locksmith and lock picker have the challenging task of picking locks from vehicles. There are many tools available for picking locks on vehicles. Some picks will work with various models and locks. Some picks don't even go through the lock and instead use bypass methods to gain access.

Master Key for Cars

Jigglers are one of the most efficient ways to pick a lock on a car. Jigglers can be used to pick up car locks, whether you have lost or locked them in your car. Why? Because you know how to use them. Let me tell you - Have you ever tried to insert a key into a lock but it didn't work? What are you supposed to do? You give it a wiggle and a jiggle.

Car Entry - Bypass Tool

It's a completely different game to gain access to cars through non-destructive means. Automotive entry tools, unlike the tools that a locksmith requires to gain entry to a residential or business building, bypass the lock entirely and open the door from the inside.

Tension Tools for Car Entry

Notice that we only have one of these! You'll notice that we only have one! This is because most car lock picks come with a tension tool or both. We do offer our adjustable car tension wrench which can be used to assist you if needed.