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How Do You Open A Locked Car With A Screwdriver?

Nov 3


At one time or another, we have all locked ourselves out of our cars. This is a common problem that can happen at any time. It is possible to forget your keys or lose them. It will be difficult to get out. How to open a locked car with a screwdriver?


It is possible to unlock a car's doors with a screwdriver, although it is not recommended because of the potential damage.

Use a screwdriver to unlock your car

These are the best ways to get back in your car with a screwdriver.


  • Fixed Elements

We will now show you how to open your car's doors with a screwdriver. There are certain elements that will not change regardless of the method used. These are the tools you will need to insert a screwdriver into the door. This is typically a long, sturdy metal ruler or wire coat hanger.


  • Locate the unlock button at the interior of your car's door.


  • Place the screwdriver between the door frame and the door carefully. You could damage your lock by applying too much pressure.


  • When you can see the tip of the screwdriver in your car, insert a wire coat hooker or another similar-shaped tool into the lock button.


  • To avoid damage to your car's locking mechanism or your door, take out the screwdriver before you open the door.


  • Call a Car Lockout service if you are unable to reach the locking mechanism, or if you are concerned about damaging your door.


Safety is your top priority before you start working on any tools or other items. You could end up damaging your car by using a screwdriver to scratch or damage the paint. So you should carry a

Unlock tool kit with you, whenever you travel a long distance.


It is important to always wear gloves to protect your fingers and hands from the possibility that the screwdriver might slip and inflict injury.