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How Do You Unlock A Car Door With A Bobby Pin?

Nov 3


You can unlock your car's doors without using a key. A tool that can be inserted in the lock to turn it is another option. 

A bobby pin can be used to unlock a car's doors


Although you should use a tool kit to unlock the car. But in case, you don’t have one, a bobby pin can be used to unlock locks in a variety of ways. You can use the bobby pin's tip to push the lock's pins open by pushing down with the bobby. You can also use the bobby pin as a keyhole pick, by inserting it in the keyhole and pressing down on the lock pins until they pop open.


  • It's a fact that you've seen it many times on television. A bobby pin can be used to unlock your car's doors. Although it isn't easy, this method can unlock your car door faster than spending hours waiting and wasting lots of money.
  •  Two bobby pins are required and patience. To get the right angle, bend the first pin and place the curled end into the lock.
  •  You will now need to separate the second pin from the first and bend one tip a bit. This one will go into the lock about an inch below the surface. 
  • Keep the first one in place and move the second one inside the lock until it opens.


 If you have forgotten your keys, this method will help you get in your car.

What is the best way to unlock your car's door?


Your key is the best way to unlock your car's doors. If you don't have your keys with you, grab the handle at the driver's end of the frame and pull up.


If these methods fail or aren't possible for you, there's still hope. You can place a steel wire between the frame and window on each side until it hits something solid. It will then slide in more easily than if you try to force it horizontally from one side to the other. You should be able to pop the door open in no time if you apply enough force. An ultimate solution is to call Roadside assistance to rescue you.