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What Is The Best Tool To Pick A Lock?

Nov 3


You will need different tools depending on which lock you are picking. You will need picks, which are long, thin pieces of metal with curving ends that can be used to pick different locks, and a tension wrench. In a pinch, you can use paper clips to pick locks. A tension wrench is any tool that creates tension, even a flathead screwdriver.


Pin-and-tumbler is a type of cylinder lock and one of the most popular locks. Most deadbolts use cylinder locks. To pick a pin-and-tumbler lock, place the tension wrench into the keyhole. Turn it like a key. You can lift each pin one by one with a pick while you apply pressure. Each pin should fall into place, you should feel or hear a click.

The best lock-picking tools

Although lock picking is an exciting and powerful skill, it can be daunting for beginners when they are faced with so many unlock tools and techniques.


This article is a compilation of my many years of experience in providing lock picks. It will help you to know where to begin, what tools to use, and how to quickly get started opening locks like a pro. However, people may reach a car lockout company for their help.


  • Lock Picks


The actual idea of lock picking, which most people associate with the movie, is called Single Pin Picking (SPP). You pick each pin until the lock opens. Although it takes time and knowledge, you can pick locks SPP in a matter of days or hours if you are willing to put in the effort and purchase quality tools. This technique will unlock most locks.

  • Practice locks


After teaching hundreds of people how to pick locks, I still haven't found a better way than practicing locks. These locks come in both cut-away and clear versions. They allow you to understand how locks work, how they move, and how it reacts to your key and your lock picks. You can study practice locks as you pick them. Later, you can cover them with tape to hide the springs or pins and put your newly acquired knowledge to the test.

  • Pick Guns


Pick guns are an essential tool that you should have as an early starter. They offer a different way to open locks than raking or SPP. Pick guns work by using a thin needle to flick at the pins and applying tension. After several quick flicks of your needle, the lock will open.