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What is Amazon KDP

Nov 10


Every one of us is different from each other in each and every respect. Nobody can say they are similar in all ways. Likewise, different people have different hobbies which they prefer to get indulged in their spare time. Or they can also take out some time in their busy routine to carry out some relaxing activity for them. Reading is one of the activities that soothe your mind and soul. As we all have heard enough about a true saying that “Books are the best friends of people that nobody else can become”. A good book can entirely change your mind, feelings, as well as your perception also through which you see the world in an entirely different yet beautiful way. 

This current era is of digitalization and technology, people are busy doing their businesses and making their work simpler with the help of the latest technologies. But at the same time, it has also facilitated us to interact with books virtually, known as eBooks. Amazon, as being the world’s most trusted platform, helps you to publish your book on this huge interacting platform by using KDP. in addition to this, Amazon account management services guide you to bring the best out of your products and expand them for earning huge profits. Moreover, you can also advertise your products through Amazon PPC services (Pay-per-click).

What is KDP?

If you are an author and have written a book, you have now two options to make it public. You can use the traditional physical stores to publish your book or use Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) also known as self-publishing of your books. However, everyone is aware of the fact that in the beginning, Amazon started as a book-selling store but later expanded its range of products which has now made it the most used platform around the globe.

Amazon KDP is a great option when one wants to publish his book himself on an E-commerce platform, because it grabs almost 80% of the entire eBook market, YES! In addition to this, working with Amazon KDP could help you make your book publicly reachable to all the areas around the globe without the rights being transferred. You are the sole owner and have all the rights to your published book through Amazon KDP.  

How to Publish your Book via Amazon KPD?

It is no secret that Amazon account management services help you and guide you in an easy way to start selling activities around the world while just sitting at your home. Similarly, creating an account on KDP will help you to publish your book for all the Kindle readers around the world. Moreover, you can also advertise your book simply by contracting with Amazon PPC services to place ads regarding your latest eBooks on different platforms. And you don’t even have to pay Amazon for this advertising unless the customer or the viewer clicks on your ad and visits your product.

Following are the steps you need to follow in order to publish your eBook with Amazon KDP:

  1. State the title of your book.
  2. A little description of your book.
  3. Category of your written book.
  4. Your Book Cover.
  5. Price for which you wish to sell it.

Advantages of Amazon KDP Publishing:

Who doesn’t want to make people aware of his great working skills? Everybody does right? Therefore in order to publish your book with Amazon, you will be offered a number of benefits. There will be no risk as millions of users are interacting through this huge platform. So let us dive into the advantages of using KDP as your book publisher on Amazon;


  • Rights are retained:


As compared to other traditional publishing houses, Amazon KDP does not snatch your right over your book. A non-exclusive agreement is done with Amazon that helps the author to be the original owner of his book, no matter wherever in the world it is being sold through Amazon KDP.


  • Higher royalties are earned:


Another advantage of publishing your book with Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is that you will be able to earn higher royalties than you have ever imagined. The minimum rate of royalties on Amazon KDP typically starts from 60% and increases depending on the nature of your book. 


  • A large audience is accessible:


As we are aware of the fact that Amazon is a vast platform that is being accessed from all over the world, similarly, your book when published with Amazon KDP could also reach around the globe where you even haven’t imagined. On the other hand amazon, account management services will guide you in such a way that you will be able to modify your product according to modern grounds. 


  • No need to stock up:


As printing and publishing your eBook through Amazon KDP helps you to right away print your book when demanded by the customer, therefore it is no need to stockpiles of books even before the order. It prevents your online business from overstocking problems and spending too much cost without even knowing that the orders would be received or not. 

  • Fast Publishing:

If we talk generally, traditional ways of publishing books can take a very long time to bring a book demanded by a customer in the market. However, if you are working with Amazon KDP you have no need to worry because it prints right away your book and displays it for you to read whenever you want at very reasonable prices. 

“Urtasker” as Amazon account management services software:

It is no doubt that Amazon is a vast platform, whose number of customers is increasing day by day with every second. People trust is that’s why they are also opting for this platform in order to start their e-commerce business. Likewise, a software supported and used by Amazon itself named Urtasker also proves very useful in order to manage the Amazon account management services. You can never be left alone because it guides you in every possible aspect relevant to the products of your online business.